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MINI GT is cooperating with the Indonesia Ministry of Tourism to present the special edition model of Wonderful Indonesia.
The vivid livery color and design are inspired by the Flag of Indonesia , with the themed packaging artwork to promote the natural and cultural wonders in Indonesia.
[ MGT00384-R ] LB-Silhouette WORKS GT NISSAN 35GT-RR Ver.1 Wonderful Indonesia
>> Indonesia Exclusive Product <<
* Special Thanks to our official distribution partner in Indonesia: PT. Eka Mandiri Selalu for the inspiration and cooperation.
[ Ulun Danu Beratan ]
Set within the highlands of the mountainous Bedugul Regency in Bali, atop a plateau that sits on Lake Beratan, stands the majestic Ulun Danu Temple. In the mild, mountain weather, approximately 1,500 meters above sea level, the air is crisp and cool. The stunningly clear lake is calm and almost perfectly still, save for the soft breeze that occasionally sweeps across, creating tiny ripples upon its surface. A thin mist rises from the lake and hangs in the air, surrounding the temple, giving it a somewhat surreal appearance.
Pura Ulun Danu was built in adoration of the Goddess Danu. Danu, in the Balinese tongue, means lake, while the goddess Danu is queen of water, lakes and rivers. The temple complex consists of four sacred buildings. Linga Pura stands three levels high, and is a place of worship to the god Shiva. Pura Puncak Mangu stands 11 levels high and was built in dedication to the god Vishnu. PuraTeratai Bang is the main temple, and Pura Dalem Purwa is built in worship to Sang Hyang Widhi. This last temple is also a site for those who pray for fertility, prosperity, and well-being.
The style of the building follows the Trimurti belief; three holy colors to represent the three gods: Shiva, Brahma and Vishnu. The first color is red, to the lord Brahma, The Creator. Second, is black. The symbol of the lord Vishnu, the balance and preserver of the universe. Finally, white for the god Shiva, The Destroyer.
**Credits: https://www.indonesia.travel/.../bali/ulun-danu-beratan