Dear Collectors,
Since our launch of MINI GT, it has always been our desire to do a special Christmas model released during the holiday season. Unfortunately in previous years there have been scheduling conflicts that prevented this from happening, as obviously these are very time sensitive for making sure they are delivered well in advance of the holidays. We are very excited to announce that after very careful planning this year we are ready to debut our first limited edition Christmas model, making this only the second limited edition item that MINI GT has produced so far.
Since this will be our very first Christmas model, we wanted it to be something very special. We are honored to have the support of a designer from Bentley, Mr. Phillip Dean, which gives us the very rare opportunity to work with an automobile designer on one of our models. In addition to this special collaboration, we wanted this to be one of the most technically complicated models that we have ever produced. The unique look of this model is accomplished with a combination of spray painting, pad printing, gold plating and the use of gold foil decals that are applied by hand. This combined with the use of metal stickers on the logo means that we will effectively showcase every style of decoration in this one beautiful model to celebrate the holiday.
We also felt that it was important that we struck a good balance between this model being limited, while still being obtainable for collectors worldwide since it is our first Christmas model. After careful consideration, we are announcing this model as part of a limited production run of 9999 pieces. While this is a higher production run than our last limited model, we feel that this is more in the spirit of Christmas and should allow many collectors a chance at getting one of these special models to mark the occasion.
We greatly appreciate everyone’s support during a difficult year, and hope that this special Christmas model will bring joy to collectors worldwide as we approach the new year.
The order will begin at 9/28/2020 Pacific Time, please contact your local dealer for more information. Thank you.